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Why should I use professional photography?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

First impressions matter, and the first thing a prospective buyer see's when searching for a new property are the photographs. Using professional photographs will entice the buyer into looking more in-depth at your property.

A photographer will do more than just photograph your property. The best photographers will remove un-needed items, like tea towels, bins, children's toys and excess clutter. This may only take a few minutes, but just this little extra time can make all the difference in an image.

From an agency perspective, professional photographs will also impress prospective sellers, increasing your instructions. Professional photographs will help give your business an identity and promote your brand. Yes there is a cost to hiring a professional photographer, however not only are you receiving superb images, but you are also saving time from not travelling to the property and photographing it yourself.

A professional photographer will also have the equipment and techniques to capture a wide range of images, from wide angle lens, tripods and poles. I use a range of wide angle lens to capture as much of a room as possible, along side a range of other lenses for more detailed shots. All photographs are taken on a tripod, this enables to me to create composite images which use different images at different exposures. This means I can expose for the room and the outside in the same photograph, not just showing off the internal aspects of a room, but also it's surrounding views. I also use a photography pole, which allows me to take photographs up to 12 feet, giving a photograph a different perspective.

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